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Welcome To The Next Generation Of Outdoor Grills

Z Grills wood pellet technology allows you to achieve superior wood fire flavor at the convenience of propane or gas. Throw out those messy charcoal grills and get rid of your poor flavor producing gas grill and step up to a wood fired grill and smoker that will change your world.

Get restaurant style BBQ with the ease of flipping a switch. Let our grill do all of the work for you! A wide temperature range from 180°F to 450°F enables you to grill, smoke, roast, braise, bake, BBQ or sear with ease.

How Pellet Grills Work

  • The digital controller maintains the internal temperature by regulating pellet flow.
  • A simple motor turns an auger that feeds pellets into the firebox.
  • A super hot rod in the firebox then ignites the pellets and a combustion fan keeps them burning over time.
  • A fan inside the pellet hopper creates positive pressure which preventing burn-back in the hopper.
  • When these two air-flows meet, they create the ultimate wood-burning fire, circulating tasty hardwood smoke throughout the grill.

Extremely Easy To Use & Clean Up

Z Grills give food that delicious, natural wood-fired flavor without all of the hassle. Whereas traditional gas and charcoal grills tend to produce poor flavor or require too much setup and cleanup. Try something new for a change. Put your grilling life on automation and let our grill do all of the work for you.

Before long, you will be producing some of the best food in the neighborhood and your friends and family won’t stop talking about how great your cooking is. Get ready to become the grill master!

Experience That Natural Hardwood Smoked Flavor

Get the full hardwood smoke flavor you’ve been looking for with a pellet grill and smoker. Not only are they easy to use but the hardwood pellets give your food such a full flavor. Never get bored with your BBQ again! 

Why Choose Z Grills?

Z Grills are super versatile grills that can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, or barbecue, while reaching temperatures between 180 and 450 degrees. Z Grills are fueled by all-natural wood pellets that infuse a terrific wood-fired flavor into everything you cook. With their slow and even cooking performance, you get consistent results each and every time you put food on a Z Grill.

Their ease of use offers you the ability to simply turn the digital temperature control to the desired setting and sit back and enjoy the company of family and friends while the Z Grills convection-based heat does all the work.

Made from durable stainless steel, these grills are built to last and made to perform for years and years. Unlike the other wood pellet grills on the market, Z Grills have been built with you in mind. As a proud American company, each grill comes with a 30-day return guarantee and a 3-year warranty. Our affordable, high-quality products give you and your family a tastier and healthier food while in a manner that is easier to maintain than a traditional grill or barbecue pit.

What Makes Wood Pellet Grills So Great?

Wood pellet grills are taking off in the market and quickly becoming the preferred choice over charcoal, propane, and gas grills. Gas grills overtook charcoal for their ease of use a speed but, the advantage of convenience came with a disadvantage in taste. Wood pellet grills, on the other hand, provide the best mix of versatility, flavor, and convenience of any type of grill on the market.

With easy-to-use “set it and forget it” controls, anyone can prepare delicious meals with wood smoked flavor. There are no learning curves to get started with a wood pellet grill, no need to carry and store huge propane tanks, an no risk of flare-ups or over-smoking your food. These are highly versatile grills that provide versatile and fuel-efficient performance that are suited for each and every person who loves to cook outdoors.

Mix Up The Flavor

There are several types of grills or smokers that can produce stunning and tasty results, but there are few that can make that claim with the ease of a wood pellet grill. You can go from grilling burgers to smoking a pork shoulder at the push of a button.

Wood flavor is ever-present in great barbecue and it is the preferred way to smoke meats or toss on a grill for added taste. Wood pellets offer this same great taste, but with little of the effort. Pellets come in many different flavors so you can find the one that best suits your palate. Flavors like pecan, hickory, alder, mesquite, apple, maple, and more can be mixed together or changed in a matter of moments, providing diners with many options.

There just is not any cooking platform that provides the mix of flavor, convenience, and flexibility that wood pellet grills offer. They are as easy to use as gas grills, but with the flavor benefits of charcoal or wood. Once you decide to give a wood pellet grill a home on your back porch, you are sure to never use any other outdoor cooking method again. They are that great!

Types Of Z Grills

Z Grills offers several different models to fit several different situations and personalities. Are you someone who likes to grill for big parties? We got you covered. Are you cooking primarily for yourself or a small gathering? We have just what you need. With several sizing options and budget options, you’re sure to find the Z Grill that is right for you.


Z Grills 700D

The Z Grills 700D is the answer for those of us that are looking to show everyone in the neighborhood what outdoor cooking is all about. This 8 in 1 BBQ grill with electric digital controls provides ease of use, great flavors, and the capacity you need to entertain all of your family and friends.

The huge grilling and hopper capacity give you 700 sq. inches of cooking and warming space that you can use to grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque or char-grill. All of these options are made easier with the Smart Smoke Technology of the “set it and forget it” automatic electric feed system. This system maintains temperatures from 180ºF to 450ºF all at the push of a button.

Fueled by quality hardwood pellets in your choice of wood flavor, your food will come out consistently cooked to your specifications with a savory wood-infused flavor that will make your guests ask for seconds and thirds. All Z Grills come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. When compared to our competitors, we stand behind our high-quality product and affordable pricing.

Z Grills 7002B

The Z Grills 7002B screams outdoor cooking. With its high-capacity 700 sq. inch large grilling surface and 20-pound hopper capacity, this grill can do it all. As a bonus, it comes with all-terrain wheels and a rust-proof cover and racks that stand the test of time and can be set up on most surfaces.

This is a smoker that needs little attention, as its electric feed system is meant to maintain temperatures from 180ºF to 450ºF with consistency and ease of use. Simple push a button and you’re no longer tethered to the pit as master of the BBQ but now are master of the backyard!

This amazing 7 in 1 barbecue smoker and grill allows you to barbecue, bake, roast, braise, smoke, grill, and sear! It is a highly versatile machine that will make you the envy of any dinner party. The Z Grills 7002B comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. When it comes to quality and affordability, there is no better wood pellet grill on the market today.


Z Grills 550B

The Z Grills 550B is the perfect option for those of us that love to cook outdoors but have fewer people to do it for. This ultimate 6 in 1 wood pellet grill lets you barbecue, bake, roast, braise, smoke, and grill. Its fan-forced convection cooking creates a versatile environment that can handle just about any food.

With its precise temperature control and capabilities, the Z Grill 550B employs a digital control board that auto-ignites the grill and gives you the option of cooking from 180ºF to 475ºF while producing just the right amount of smoke to infuse your food with your favorite wood flavor. Its 550 sq. inch cooking surface and 10-pound hopper capacity provide enough space and fuel to keep your backyard party going.

Like all Z Grills products, the Z Grills 550B comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are looking for the perfect balance between flavor, efficiency, and affordability, look no further than this unit. Your appetite and your friends and family will thank you.

Step Up Your Grill Game

Wood pellet grills provide a simple, clean, and consistent way to prepare a wide range of foods with great wood flavor. They are easy to operate and have the capacity to turn the average burger flipper into the neighborhood pitmaster.

Wood pellet grills provide the ease and cleanliness of propane or gas but with the essence and taste of cooking over wood. They are highly accurate in temperature control, cooking from 180 degrees up to 475 degrees. This means you can cook everything from a slow smoked brisket to searing a steak to making hot dogs and hamburgers.

With their indirect, convection-like heat, wood pellet grills need little attention and free you up to actually spend time with the guests you invited over and not tied to a grill for the entire afternoon.

Take Your Grilling To A New Level

The Z Grills wood pellet grill and smoker takes the average wood pellet grill and puts it into a class all its own. With providing multiple sizes, these grills are as versatile and easy to maintain as they are durable. Made from high-quality stainless-steel components, these grills are built to last and built to provide great tasting meals in an efficient manner.

Z Grills wood pellet technology gets you wood fire taste at the convenience of propane or gas while improving the flavor of your meals without the struggle of traditional grills and the hassle of wood chips.

If you are looking to elevate your outdoor cooking skills, then look no further than one of our terrific Z Grills products. With the options, quality, and durability you’ve come to expect from an American brand, our grills will deliver to you and your guests the performance you all deserve.

Backed by a serious manufacturer’s warranty, these grills are built to last a long time and keep performing just like the day you got it. If you still have questions, rest assured that you have a 30-day return guarantee that gives you the opportunity to experience everything these grills have to offer with no risk.

Delicious Pellet Grill & Smoker Recipes

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