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I've always had a passion for BBQ and there's nothing more exciting than bringing that joy to your plate! From curating and creating unique recipes to providing top of the line BBQ equipment, it's my goal to help you have the very best grilling experience. For those of you who have been grilling for some time, I hope we can share ideas and for those of you just getting into the world of wood pellet BBQ's, welcome aboard. I hope we can all enjoy the best thing on earth together... good food.

How to Get Crispy Skin on Your Z Grills Pellet Smoker?

By |2023-01-01T12:42:03-06:00January 16th, 2023|Grills|

"Discover the secrets to getting perfectly crispy skin on your Z Grills pellet smoker! Learn how to preheat, use high heat, add oil or butter, use dry rubs and monitor temperature for delicious results. How do I get crispy skin on my pellet smoker? Find out now!"